He Refused To Pay An $825 Dinner Bill After Someone At The Table Said He Should Pay Since He Gave The Impression That He Had A Lot of Money On Social Media

Drobot Dean - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever felt forced to pay a dinner bill for one reason or another?

One man recently had to refuse to pay an expensive dinner bill after someone at the table said he should pay it because he gave the impression that he had a lot of money on social media.

He’s from a different country and recently went back for a visit. During his trip, he reached out to an old friend and asked if he’d like to have dinner with him.

The dinner for two quickly turned into a dinner for six after his friend invited three ladies and another guy to join them. He said it was alright, suggested a restaurant, and everyone showed up to dinner.

Once they settled at their table, everyone quickly ordered whatever they wanted, including lobster, sushi, and cocktails. When the bill came, it was around $825. He told his old friend that they should split the bill evenly, and his friend agreed.

But then, the other guy at the table said he was “kind of broke” and said he could only pay for about $25 worth of food even though he had eaten almost $100 worth of food. That’s when he knew things were about to go downhill, and they did.

Two of the three women at the table stayed on their phones and disengaged, all except one who said he should be a gentleman and pay since he was “doing better” than them. When he asked her to elaborate, she told him she found his Instagram, and his photos made it seem like he lived a lavish life.

“All I have on my Instagram are pictures of holidays and business-related stuff, no fast cars or any of that,” he said.

“I told them that I didn’t know them and that this was not a date. She said that they didn’t expect to have to pay. My friend said he isn’t dating them either. He met them all at work.”

Drobot Dean – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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