He Told His Daughter She Was Super Selfish For Expecting Her Mom To Attend Her Wedding, Considering She Just Got Into A Horrific Car Accident

Artem Zakharov - illustrative purposes only

Next week, this man’s daughter is getting married.

Tragically, his wife was in a horrific car accident only one week ago. She suffered a terrible concussion, and she had to wear a cast on her foot. He and his wife feel thankful that she didn’t have even more traumatic injuries, but understandably, it’s been a difficult ordeal for both of them.

“A concussion is a brain injury (swelling of the head), not a headache. The main problem is the concussion. She cannot deal with any loud noises and bright lights and gets overwhelmed easily. Her foot makes it really hard for her to move around right now,” he said.

With their daughter’s wedding quickly approaching, he and his wife talked it over and came to the decision that his wife shouldn’t attend the wedding.

“It would cause her too much pain to be around that many people, and we can’t ask everyone to be quiet at a wedding. We figured a FaceTime call would work for the main ceremony,” he explained.

However, when he and his wife broke the news to their daughter that his wife would no longer attend the wedding, she was furious. They had met with their daughter in person to discuss their decision, and because the fighting was so intense and stressful, his wife had unbearable pain in her head, so they had to go home so that his wife could rest.

Even though before leaving, he emphasized that he would still be attending and his wife could watch the ceremony on FaceTime, his daughter still wasn’t happy.

“She uninvited me to the wedding if my wife won’t be there. I told her she is extremely selfish for wanting her mom at the wedding since she knows about the accident,” he shared.

After that, his daughter hasn’t spoken to him. Now, he doesn’t know what to do.

Artem Zakharov – illustrative purposes only

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