He Told His Girlfriend They Aren’t Compatible Since She Doesn’t Want Kids, And She Accused Him of Pressuring Her Into Saying Yes To Having Them

etonastenka - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old guy and his 24-year-old girlfriend have been together for a bit under three years, and at the beginning of their relationship, they did chat about the future.

They talked about what plans they each had, and they talked about kids as well. Back then, he and his girlfriend both felt that they would like to have two children, and they were really on the same page regarding other things for the future, too.

Several weeks ago, his girlfriend finally admitted that she is doubting whether she does want to have kids or not.

They had a deeper conversation about this, and his girlfriend said there are so many things she would like to do or accomplish, and she doesn’t feel that’s in the cards for her if she has kids.

She also revealed to him that she does not want to just have kids and regret later on not getting to do what she wanted to.

“She said she wasn’t sure and that there was a chance she’d change her mind again in a few years,” he explained.

“I said it’s probably best for us to go away and think about it and then come back when we have a clearer picture of what we want from the future. We talked about it a few more times over the weeks, and she still has the same conclusion that she doesn’t want children.”

“I mentioned that I do still see myself having children in the future, so it’s looking like we’re not really compatible anymore. She said there was always the chance she’d change her mind in the future, but I said it wouldn’t really be fair to stay with her in the hope she wants kids further down the line.”

His girlfriend replied that he’s just trying to pressure her into saying yes to kids, but he stood up for himself and said that wasn’t his intention.

etonastenka – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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