Her Best Friend Has Struggled With Getting Pregnant, And After She Broke The News To Her That She’s Having A Second Child, Her Best Friend Stopped Speaking To Her

Later, she was 12 weeks along in her pregnancy. She and her husband had only told their family and wanted to keep it private for the most part.

“Martha phoned me and told me she had a miscarriage early in a pregnancy, and it would have been around the time I conceived. Because of this, I kept my pregnancy a secret for longer than I’d planned,” she explained.

By 18 weeks, it was becoming more difficult for her to find clothing that would hide her baby bump. Before this, she was able to wear a lot of flowy shirts, but her husband told her that those didn’t seem to be concealing her pregnancy as efficiently anymore.

While brainstorming what to do, she and her husband talked to Joe about the situation to see what his thoughts were. She wondered if she should send Martha a text message to let her know about the pregnancy.

She needed to think of a plan quickly because she and Martha were going on a big shopping trip soon, so she didn’t want Martha to be stunned when she saw how far along she was in her pregnancy. Plus, she thought that texting Martha may be the better option because it could give Martha time to process the news and respond in her own time once she felt comfortable enough to do so.

“I sent a long, detailed message, and I basically told her to contact me when she was ready, and I will leave it down to her once she has had a chance to digest it, as I know the timing wasn’t great for her,” she shared.

Sadly, Martha never texted her back. After 10 months, she messaged Martha to wish her a happy birthday. Martha read the text but didn’t say anything back.

Understandably, she’s saddened that Martha seems unwilling to remain friends despite her trying to be there for Martha through her struggles with fertility. Throughout the years, Martha said that she considered her to be her best friend.

Now, Joe still talks to her husband, but Martha still hasn’t reached out to either of them.

Do you think she broke the news of her pregnancy to Martha in the right way?

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