Her Boyfriend Cheated And His Mother Thinks She’s Being Selfish For Wanting To End The Relationship

“I recently caught my boyfriend texting a random girl on Instagram via a common account that we both share. Upon confrontation, he straight up denied the allegations,” she explained.

Later that same day, her boyfriend’s mother called to ask if everything was okay. Understandably, she felt uneasy divulging details about what was happening with her boyfriend.

Plus, at this point, she hadn’t had an in-depth conversation with her boyfriend about his cheating.

However, her boyfriend’s mother didn’t seem to respect her boundaries, pushing her to give details on the situation.

A few hours after that, her boyfriend confessed to cheating on her, and he said he was sorry while pleading for her to stay with him, promising he’d never do it again.

“He said it was a mistake and that I had provoked him to do this, as we had a massive argument the night before.

Two days later, I got another call from his mother asking to console him and make things right with him as he and his family were under a lot of stress, and I NEEDED to be mindful of what I say,” she shared.

Then, her boyfriend’s mother continued, requesting that she remain in the relationship, adding that her son hasn’t stopped crying since he was caught messaging another woman.

She told her boyfriend’s mother that she wasn’t going to keep dating her son, and his mother was furious at this.

She said she was being “selfish” and “inconsiderate” toward their family during such a difficult time.

Even though she stands by her decision to break up with her boyfriend, she feels awful for stressing his family out since she hadn’t meant to do that at all.

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