Her Boyfriend Is Convinced That The Shadow Man In A Top Hat That He’s Seeing In Their New Apartment Is Attached To Him, Since He’s Encountered Him As A Kid

“Jake was sitting on the left side of the couch while I was sitting on the right. We have three dogs and a cat. All the animals were sleeping at our feet in the living room with us when Jake and I heard a loud bang at the end of the hallway. We both looked in that direction and saw a step stool pick up two feet off the ground and then fly down the hallway and hit the linen closet door. All of my dogs were awake now with their hackles up, looking at the hallway. It unnerved Jake and I, but we brushed it off, still acknowledging how weird it was,” she explained.

By this point, she was eight months pregnant and, unfortunately, couldn’t sleep. She and Jake’s bedroom was right across from the bathroom, and at night, she’d toss and turn. Then, each night, she began seeing a “shadow man” peek through from the hallway into the bedroom, staring at her. Every night, she saw this entity, and when she told Jake about it, he seemed freaked out but didn’t have much of an explanation for what it could be.

She and Jake were up late watching a movie in the living room one night, and she had to use the bathroom. She walked down the hallway to the bathroom without turning on the light or closing the bathroom door while Jake stayed in the living room. Then, she heard Jake leave the living room to walk down the hallway as she was walking out of the bathroom.

“I saw him pause and look into our bedroom before he turned to the bathroom and saw me and immediately fell back into the wall, and all the color drained from his body. I stepped toward him, and he stepped away from me. I asked him what was going on because he was scaring me. ‘You were in the room.’ I was confused since I hadn’t been in the room. ‘No. I saw you lying in bed. You were in the room.’ Now I can see the bed from the toilet, and I didn’t see anything in there,” she shared.

After the confusion, they went to bed, both wondering what was going on in their apartment.

The next day, she decided to sage the children’s room, and this seemed to help temporarily stop the strange paranormal activity. She noticed that the temperature in the children’s room rose to be just as warm as the rest of the apartment. Then, Jack became calmer, and he didn’t seem terrified of whatever he thought was in his closet anymore.

When all of the spooky situations were happening, her dogs would often obsessively bark at the walls. But now, the dogs seemed to relax. The strange shadowy figure was even absent at night from now on. Everything truly did seem to be back to normal.

One month ago, she had her son. When she left the hospital and returned to the apartment, she laid her son in his crib. He fell asleep quickly, but later on, she heard him crying. So, she went back into the children’s room to comfort him.

“As I started spinning the motor of his mobile, something blocked Jack’s spinning night light. The shadow man was in the doorway, so I fully turned around, and he was suddenly two feet away from me. He stretched his arms out toward me, so I snatched my son into my arms, and he immediately disappeared. I ran to the kitchen where Jake was and told him. ‘Was he wearing a top hat?’ he asked,” she continued.

Luckily, the figure she’d seen had never donned a top hat. Apparently, the legend of the “top hat man” is incredibly sinister, so she felt a sense of relief that even though the entity she’d seen was scary, he wasn’t wearing a top hat. She went on to explain to Jake what happened in the children’s room.

While discussing the paranormal activity in their apartment, Jake mentioned the situation where he’d thought he’d seen her lying on their bed when she’d really been in the bathroom. He said that he was convinced he’d seen a “carbon copy” of her, and he added that the carbon copy was even wearing the exact same clothes she had been wearing. The carbon copy looked so lifelike that, at the time, he hadn’t been able to tell which one was really her.

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