Her Boyfriend Is Overly Attached To Her, And He Recently Flipped Out When She Didn’t Respond To His Message Since She Was At A Conference For Work

Over the last two months, she has been paying half of her boyfriend’s therapy bills, but his behavior hasn’t improved at all. He still is overly attached and hasn’t made any progress.

“I am now at a conference, and my boyfriend absolutely flipped out because WhatsApp showed that I read his message but didn’t respond. He demanded to know why I ‘left him on read,'” she shared.

Understandably, she had been incredibly busy while at the conference. When she looked at the message from her boyfriend, he’d asked her how her day was. She didn’t answer right away because she decided to wait until all the conference presentations were over so that she could tell her boyfriend how they went.

After her boyfriend lost his mind when she didn’t immediately answer his text, he told her that she needed to put in more work to pacify his anxious feelings.

Reflecting on the situation, she’s wondering if he either isn’t truly attending therapy sessions at all or just isn’t discussing his struggles with healthy boundaries and attachment during therapy and is talking about unrelated topics.

Do you think it would be wrong if she decided to turn off her phone while she was at work, no matter how mad her boyfriend may get?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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