Her Boyfriend Suddenly Claimed That He No Longer Wants To Have Kids Because He Thinks The World Is Doomed, So She’s Now Considering Breaking Up With Him

Not to mention, her boyfriend claimed they should have three kids since he really liked the dynamic she had with her other siblings.

For context, her boyfriend had a good childhood as well. However, it was a bit different from her experience.

While her boyfriend was still in high school, his older sister left for college. Then, his mom received a job offer, which pushed him and his mom to move to a different state– away from his dad.

And while her boyfriend doesn’t have any mental health issues, some people in his family do. So, this is one of the reasons why he recently told her out of the blue that he’s leaning toward no longer wanting children.

On top of that, her boyfriend went on a rant about how horrible the world is and how it’s full of suffering. He was also worried about what would happen if his children wound up being “ugly” or “dumb” since no one would want to date them.

“Where does this thought even come from?” she asked.

“My boyfriend and I aren’t models by any means, but we’re both above average attractiveness, I think.”

“And my boyfriend is five foot ten. Plus, we both graduated from an Ivy League and are hardworking.”

Still, her boyfriend genuinely believes that their children will be doomed– even though she believes that there is so much more to look forward to when having kids.

“Like family vacations, holidays, seeing the resemblance in our kids to use, and creating a loving, fun family,” she vented.

Regardless, even though her boyfriend admitted that his opinion wasn’t set in stone, he told her he was not really interested in having kids anymore.

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