Her Boyfriend Wants To Fly Business Class For Their Family Vacation And Make Her Child Sit Separately In Economy Because He Doesn’t Think Kids Understand The Value Of Business Class

Chalabala - illustrative purposes only

This 33-year-old woman and her boyfriend, who is 40, have been dating for five years and are currently organizing their next vacation.

Her boyfriend picked out the destination, and they are so excited about taking a family trip with her child, who is 13.

According to her, her boyfriend has a good relationship with her child, too.

“My boyfriend has spent plenty of money and time on my child for birthdays, events, and milestones. They get along very well and have had very few upsets,” she explained.

So, they’ve begun looking at flights– which will be at least 9 hours long– as well as resorts and various experiences to participate in while away.

Her boyfriend also wanted to get business class seats, and even though he earns significantly more money than her, they plan to split the vacation cost equally– including her child’s expenses.

However, there is one big problem. Her boyfriend doesn’t want to let her kid sit in the same class as them on the flight.

Apparently, he believes that her child should just be grateful about even getting to go on an international trip. He also thinks that her kid can just enjoy the movies and other amenities on the flight abroad.

“He has a view where children might not appreciate the value of business class and said that his parents went on business class while he flew economy on his own,” she said.

Chalabala – illustrative purposes only

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