Her Boyfriend’s Mom Just Moved In With Them And They’re Paying For All of Her Expenses, But She’s Acting Spoiled About Closet Space

Dariusz Jarzabek - illustrative purposes only

This 33-year-old woman has a boyfriend named Sam, who is 33, and around 6 months ago, Sam’s 59-year-old mom, Rachel, moved in with them.

Rachel moved from Venezuela to the United States, and she had no money saved up since she hasn’t had a job in several years.

Rachel pays nothing towards the rent, and she also does not give her or her boyfriend money for anything like groceries or other expenses.

“My boyfriend is not financially well off- he had to file for bankruptcy a few years ago due to medical reasons,” she explained.

“I knew all of this; this is not the issue, but it is important to note. He is in a much better financial situation in comparison to the past few years and is getting better.”

Even though Sam really has no money, he’s been sending money to Rachel and to his dad as well, and his parents are divorced.

Since Sam lives paycheck to paycheck, it’s a lot for him to be sending money to his parents at all.

When Rachel expressed that she was miserable in her own country and wanted to move to the US for a better life, she felt bad for her and told Sam it would be ok for Rachel to live with them temporarily.

She and Sam live in an apartment with only one bedroom, which they moved into recently, and Rachel sleeps in the living room on a pullout couch they bought specifically for her.

Dariusz Jarzabek – illustrative purposes only

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