Her Brother Doesn’t Support The Fact That She’s Now Dating His Friend

cherry_d - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

The topic of dating each other’s friends has been a constant issue with this 22-year-old woman and her brother, 23, because they are only a year apart.

Apparently, her brother has often crossed this boundary. Over the years, he has talked to several of her friends without asking her for permission first, and he was even in a relationship with one of her friends.

On the other hand, she has never flirted with any of her brother’s friends or hung out with them behind her brother’s back.

For the Fourth of July, her brother hosted a party that she went to. One of her brother’s friends, Dave, 22, was also there, and she talked to Dave for a few minutes during the party.

“Dave actually left the party with his ex-girlfriend. A couple of days later, he friends me on Facebook and follows me on Instagram and TikTok. So, I message him on Instagram saying, ‘Since you have all of my other socials, here is my Snapchat,'” she said.

Afterward, Dave added her on Snapchat, and they talked back and forth for roughly 18 hours. The messages between the two of them were innocent, and they were just getting acquainted with each other.

“Dave does this because a few weeks prior, he was at my brother’s house, and my brother said, ‘ I don’t really like my sister’s current boyfriend. I would rather you date her than everyone she brings around.’ The next morning, he messages my brother saying that we have been snapping, and he just wanted to let him know out of respect for their friendship,” she explained.

Then, her brother was furious and texted her, saying mean things, and he even ratted her out to their mother, saying that she was talking to “his friend.”

For the following two weeks, she didn’t respond to Dave’s last snap, and he wasn’t on her mind.

cherry_d – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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