Her College Boyfriend Tried To Reconnect With Her But Failed To Say He Was Living With His Pregnant Girlfriend

Josep - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’re lucky, you’ve probably only had a small handful of terrible dates throughout your lifetime that really stand out from all the rest. However, one woman has an entire series of unfortunate dating events that she’s spilling on TikTok. TikToker Lex (@freelancebaddie) is sharing a bunch of bad dating stories, and she’s not holding back.

First, her college boyfriend tried to reconnect with her but failed to tell her that he was living with his pregnant girlfriend at the time of their interactions. Then, one day, he randomly called her up, saying that he wanted to be honest with her so she wouldn’t be alarmed.

He informed her that she would soon be seeing some pictures on social media from their mutual friends of him at his baby shower with his girlfriend.

She also described another situation in which an ex tried to get back together with her. They had just rekindled their relationship, and they had planned for her to meet his parents. However, he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.

She had called him multiple times and was mad that he was ignoring her, but it turned out he had been dead the whole time.

In yet another incident, she had been dating this guy for a little while, and he constantly mentioned how crazy his ex-girlfriend was. One day, his ex called him while they were together, and Lex discovered that he had gotten her pregnant, which was why she was acting “crazy.”

Later, Lex found out that the same guy had attempted to date her coworker, too. At the time, Lex was in her twenties, he was nearly thirty, and the girl he was trying to talk to from her job was only eighteen or nineteen! She immediately wrote him off as a creep.

And finally, there was a time when she found out that she was the other woman. So, this one guy would text her often, and she wasn’t really interested in him, but she would seek him out for company whenever she was bored.

One day, she received a phone call from a woman demanding to know why Lex was texting her boyfriend. When the guy realized that his girlfriend had contacted Lex, he got mad and sent someone to Lex’s house to bring her to him.

Josep – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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