Her Cousin Asked Her For $1,000 To Watch Her Two Dogs For A Few Days, But She Told Him She Couldn’t Afford That

MeganBetteridge - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This woman’s cousin is a veterinary technician. According to her aunt, her cousin works eight-hour shifts four days a week and earns roughly $18 an hour. So, her cousin should earn about $576 a week.

Two months ago, she asked her cousin if he could watch her family’s two dogs. Her family’s yard has a fence, and neither of the dogs has any health issues or particular requirements for their care. She didn’t need her cousin to walk the dogs at all.

All she needed was for him to feed them the meals she measured out ahead of time for him and then let the dogs out twice a day.

Her cousin agreed to do this, and he told her he’d make sure it was okay with his boss to take days off of work since he lives 45 minutes away and wouldn’t be able to commute back and forth to both take care of the dogs and work.

She and her family would be leaving late on Thursday night and returning on Sunday morning. When she checked to see what the hours were of the animal clinic her cousin works at, she saw that they were closed on the weekends. So, her cousin would only have to request off work for Friday.

A couple of days ago, she texted her cousin to confirm that the days and times still worked for him to take care of the dogs. Also, she wanted to check with him to find out what pay rate he was hoping to receive.

“I had asked him previously, and he just kept saying he’d get back to me about it but that he’d ‘give us a good deal.’ His response was the following: ‘It’s really whatever you guys think is right. It’s a hard thing to price. I’ve pet-sat for another person, and it was four cats and a dog, and they paid me $2,000 for five days. That’s all I have to go on,'” she said.

Taking that into consideration, as well as her cousin’s vet tech wage, she responded and told him that she and her family calculated the rate to be $150 a day, and since he’d be pet-sitting for four days, he’d be paid $600 in total.

“His response was: ‘I feel bad asking, but $1,000? I asked off work a month ago to help.’ After doing the math on the rate he sent me previously, I sent the following response: ‘I don’t want to be rude, but I did the math on the rate you sent me, and $2,000 for five days for five animals equals $80 per animal per day. Two dogs would equal $160 per day, and for four days, it would be $640,'” she explained.

MeganBetteridge – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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