Her Dad Was A Pilot, Crashed Into The Pacific Ocean, And Was Never Found

The Coast Guard claimed that the two jets had watched him crash into the Pacific and that they had recorded video footage of him slumped over the plane’s controls. However, Alison says that there is no footage of his body to be found.

She continued reading the report out loud: “The plane’s autopilot continued on its course until the fuel supply was exhausted and descended into the ocean.”

“And then they said they suspended the search with no plans to resume after twenty hours, and they said they sent out boats, which we never got record if that actually happened.”

Then, she filmed the video of her dad’s plane crash for viewers to see. The video was black and white and heavily pixelated. There was also no footage of the plane actually going into the ocean.

The majority of the video was of the ocean itself, and after skipping through it, Alison pointed out the plane’s tail sticking out of the water.

Also, the day before the crash, her dad sent her a text message saying, “If all things go well tomorrow, I’ll see you.” Alison noted that this wasn’t something her dad normally said, and it was just another sign that something hadn’t been quite right.

What do you think happened to Alison’s dad? Would you be surprised if he showed up alive and well one day?


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