Her Daughter Doesn’t Want To Invite A Bratty Little Girl To Her Birthday Party, But She Wants To Keep The Peace With The Girl’s Mom, Who Is Affluent In Their Community

Monkey Business - illustrative purposes only, not the actual children

This woman’s daughter is turning 7-years-old this month, and creating the invite list for her daughter’s birthday party has started to give her some anxiety.

Apparently, there is one girl at school who is “frenemies” with her child.

“The girl has some behavioral issues that I think the mom is trying to address, but the girl is just always trying to one-up my daughter and say she’s better than my daughter at everything,” she explained.

For instance, if the little girl loses in a game or just doesn’t get her way, this will cause a big tantrum. Plus, the girl is constantly invading other people’s personal space.

So, even though they used to have playdates with the girl a lot, they’ve since distanced themselves. According to her, the girl’s mother hasn’t really realized this, either.

Sure, the girl is friends with her daughter, but they aren’t super close or anything. And she just tries to keep the peace.

But, this past weekend, her daughter was creating the invite list for her birthday and didn’t want to invite the little girl.

“And I don’t want to hurt the mom’s feelings because I know if we don’t invite the daughter to the party, she will call me out about how sad her daughter is,” she said.

She’s also worried because the little girl’s mother is reportedly affluent in their community. Their kids are involved in various things together– such as sports and other after-school activities. She and the other mother also share mutual friends.

Monkey Business – illustrative purposes only, not the actual children

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