Her Fiancé Doesn’t Think She’d Be Entitled To Half of His Savings If They Ever Got Divorced, Even Though She Financially Supported Him Through Law School And Completely Maintains Their Home

Stavros - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her fiancé first met in college, and they’ve had a wonderful seven-year relationship ever since then. So, they will soon be tying the knot and starting their life together.

But, when they met, things were tough for the both of them. Neither she nor her fiancé had full-time jobs, and they had no savings whatsoever.

They started to build a foundation for themselves once they graduated college when they got their first jobs. Then, after living together for about two years, her fiancé started attending law school.

“I quit my job and followed him to a new city, found a new job, was working full-time during those three years while doing every chore around the house and running every errand,” she recalled.

She did all of this to support her fiancé while he endured a very stressful experience at law school. And even though he was able to land a scholarship– meaning he had no debt– she still had to cover most of their day-to-day expenses since she was the only one working at the time.

Then, upon graduating, her fiancé got a high-paying job and has been working really hard.

“And now I am working fully remotely while maintaining nearly all responsibilities around the house,” she explained.

“My fiancé’s salary is over double what mine is, but I could definitely get by on my own.”

Yet, while they were going over legal details prior to their wedding, her fiancé caught her off guard with a question. He asked whether she thought she would be entitled to half of her fiancé’s savings if they ever got divorced.

Stavros – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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