Her Friend Asked To Bring Her Boyfriend To Her Wedding, But She’s Not Allowing Plus Ones

“I have never met this boyfriend and barely know his name. She used the excuse that this would give me time to get to know him,” she explained.

Despite not having met her friend’s boyfriend yet, she’s already gotten red flags and doesn’t approve of him.

He’s a lot older than her friend, and she believes that there’s a reason he doesn’t date women his own age. She thinks he dates younger women because he’s too immature and can’t resolve issues in a relationship in healthy ways.

Even though her friend would know a lot of the other guests at the wedding, it seemed like she was worried that she would be hanging out alone and that she’d feel awkward, especially since she can’t hang out with her friend all night since, as the bride, she’ll have to talk to lots of other guests, too.

Her friend also claimed that she doesn’t normally like traveling so far out of her way unless it’s for big events. The reception would be a three-hour drive for her; however, her friend and her boyfriend often take trips together.

Plus, her friend has driven to her town on a monthly basis but doesn’t reach out to hang out with her when she visits.

Since she wanted to invite her friend’s family, it would have felt awful to leave out only her friend’s father just so that she could invite her friend’s boyfriend instead. Especially considering the fact that her friend has been in this relationship for less than a year.

Do you think she was wrong to refuse to invite her friend’s boyfriend to her wedding reception?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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