Her Friend Came To Her Crying About Her Daughter Getting Bullied At School, But She Told Her Friend It’s Her Fault For Naming Her Child After An STD

A couple of days ago, Sara came to her house in tears about her daughter being treated terribly. She listened to Sara, tried her best to comfort her, and then said to Sara that she should seriously change her daughter’s name.

Sara instantly got angry with her and said it was not her place to tell her what she should be doing with her own kid.

Sara also defended the name that she gave her daughter, and that just made her snap.

“I told Sara that it is her fault that her daughter is getting bullied and that I didn’t know what she expected to happen after she named her child after an STD,” she said.

Sara absolutely flipped out on her and accused her of being an awful friend. Now, she’s left wondering what to even do.

She is aware that it’s not right of her to try to tell Sara what to do with her own child, but she can’t help but feel that this is entirely Sara’s fault for giving her child one of the worst names possible.

What do you think about this situation?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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