Her Friend Had A Meltdown In A Train Station On Their Vacation, So After She Told Her She Never Wants To Go On A Trip With Her Again, Her Friend Got Angry With Her

When they got to the station where Ashley would be taking a different train home, she asked a staff member if she could use one of their wheelchairs to get to her platform because she was struggling to walk.

The staff member told Ashley all of their wheelchairs were being used. Then, they asked her if she had booked their handicap assistance in advance, and she said she didn’t. When the staff told Ashley a wheelchair would be available in about an hour, she lost it.

“Ashley lost her cool and yelled at them and said that she’s going to miss her train,” she recalled.

“[Then] she sat on the floor. I tried to calm her down, but there was just no use. She was very insulting and called them names. It was so embarrassing.”

She stayed with Ashley until someone was able to bring her a chair, then watched her leave, scarred from what had just happened.

“Two days after we got home, Ashley asked me if I’d be down for a similar vacation next year,” she added.

“I told her no thanks. I tried to explain to her that I think after our experience, it’s better if we don’t vacation together.”

Ashley became furious when she turned her down and called her an ableist. However, the truth is that she doesn’t want to vacation with Ashley again because she’s an unorganized traveler.

Was she being rude by saying she didn’t want to go on another trip with Ashley?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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