Her Friend Screamed At Her For Not Agreeing To Wear A One-Piece Swimsuit While On Vacation In Italy In Order To Make Her Feel Better About Her Body

“She’s been feeling horrible about her body and how she just feels incredibly ugly in her skin because of the weight gain and the stretch marks,” she explained.

“Then she confessed that seeing me flaunting my body and being so thin made her feel really upset and uncomfortable, as well as envious.”

“Lizzie also mentioned that she knew her husband had been looking at me, and that made her even more upset.”

She sympathized with Lizzie and tried her hardest to reassure her that she was a beautiful woman. But then, Lizzie made an intense request. She asked her to change into a one-piece bathing suit for the rest of their time on the yacht.

Taken aback by her bluntness, she told Lizzie that she hadn’t packed any one-piece suits for her trip.

Lizzie started becoming irritated and asked her to go to town and buy one. She could tell how angry Lizzie was getting but didn’t know what to say.

After she didn’t respond right away, Lizzie snapped and screamed and cursed at her, telling her she was selfish.

She calmly apologized to Lizzie and told her it wasn’t her job to make her feel better about her insecurities.

This upset Lizzie even more, and she had a full-blown meltdown where she accused her of ruining her vacation.

“After a few more minutes of back and forth, I just removed myself from the conversation, ran back to my husband, and told him we were leaving them,” she recalled.

“We didn’t end up contacting them for the rest of our time in Italy.”

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