Her Friend Slept With Her Coworker’s Boyfriend, And She’s Not Sure If She Should Tell Her Coworker That She Was Cheated On

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This 29-year-old woman works as a nurse, and she is pretty close to several other girls she works with.

Outside of work, though, these are not people that she hangs out with at all, so they’re strictly work friends, and they don’t interact outside of hours in the hospital.

One 23-year-old girl in particular she gets along wonderfully with, and she adores working alongside her.

She does discuss details of her personal life with this coworker, but they have never spent time together in a non-work setting, and she doesn’t imagine that they ever will reach that point in their relationship.

Unfortunately, she recently learned that her coworker’s boyfriend has cheated on her, and she’s certain her coworker has no idea.

“Long story short, I found out a friend of mine slept with my coworker’s boyfriend,” she explained.

“I know this because my friend was telling me about a guy that she hooked up with who lives in the same apartment complex as me (I knew that my coworker’s boyfriend lived in my complex), has the same name as him, and the same profession.”

“I found a photo of my coworker’s boyfriend and showed my friend, and she said yes, that’s him. She obviously had no idea he had a girlfriend. They didn’t exchange numbers or anything.”

She’s really not sure if she should be the one to tell her coworker this heartbreaking news.

JustLife – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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