Her Girlfriend Refuses To Open Gifts For Decades If They Are Wrapped Nicely, So After She Recently Opened One, Her Girlfriend Was Furious

Instead, the item just sat in their closet until it was eventually thrown away while they were moving.

Still, she learned to live with her girlfriend’s tendency until just the other day when they were taking a shower.

While washing up, they happened to run out of soap, and her girlfriend asked her to go into a drawer in the bathroom to grab another bar.

At that point, she asked if she could use a different kind of soap, and her girlfriend claimed that there “should be more options.”

“So, instead of picking up the mass-produced 12-pack box, I randomly picked up one that was wrapped in a small paper box with a small bow on it, which was at the very bottom of this drawer that is rarely opened,” she recalled.

She also claimed that, compared to the other wrapped gifts, this particular bar of soap looked very plain.

Anyway, she wound up opening it, and she came to find out that the soap actually belonged to her girlfriend’s mom.

It’s crucial to point out that her girlfriend’s mom doesn’t even know that the soap existed. In fact, the bar was so old that it had even lost its smell.

Still, her girlfriend is really mad at her.

“And I feel bad, but I also know this might be insane. My logic is that it’s made to be used,” she reasoned.

So now, she’s wondering whether her girlfriend is just overreacting or if she really did mess up by opening up the decades-old present.

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