Her Guy Best Friend Has Been Seeing Her Mom Behind Her Back, And When She Found Out, She Started Yelling At Him

Lomb - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For a bit more than a year, this 20-year-old woman and Josh, 22, met in college and have since become best friends.

Right after they met, they developed a strong friendship. They tell each other everything and don’t hide anything from one another.

About eight months ago, she introduced Josh to her family at her father’s birthday celebration. Prior to her family meeting Josh, she gushed about him to her family members all the time.

Within a month of meeting Josh, she knew she had romantic feelings for him.

“My entire family loves him dearly, but my mom adores him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she loved him more than me,” she said.

She and Josh got together often, and his protectiveness was incredibly attractive to her. It was comforting to know that he always had her back and watched out for her. Before she introduced him to her mom, 42, she thought that Josh had romantic feelings for her, too.

However, things changed when she introduced Josh to her family at her father’s birthday party. She saw that Josh and her mother were constantly stealing glances at one another and grinning at each other. At the time, she rationalized that maybe Josh and her mother were acting this way due to awkwardness and trying to make a good impression on one another.

“During more of our hangouts at my house, my mom has always been too touchy with him, asking too many personal questions and even going as far as purposely dropping things so she would bend over in front of his face, and I would always see a smile curl up on his face,” she explained.

Several times, she’s spoken with her mother about this concerning behavior. In response, her mother makes excuses, claiming that she was just trying to be friendly to the guest in their house, and she said that all the items she dropped were on accident.

Lomb – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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