Her Husband Accused Her Of “Gleefully” Telling People Her Cancer Diagnosis After They Dismissed Her Concerns, But She Was Just Glad She Finally Got An Answer

She is still very independent and has been dealing with this alone.

She drives herself to her doctor’s appointments, picks up her own medications, and deals with her doctors and insurance.

She has not slacked at work or around the house, either. If anything, she’s actually begun to work harder.

Just yesterday, though, one of her coworkers asked for her help moving as a favor. And she was forced to turn her colleague down since she had a doctor’s appointment that day.

Her coworker wound up pressing her for more details, too, so she admitted to undergoing treatment for NSCLC.

“I didn’t want to give more information than that,” she added.

Nonetheless, when her husband found out that she shared her diagnosis with her coworker, he accused her of doing so “gleefully,” as if she was actually happy about having NSCLC.

And while that isn’t true at all, she pointed out how finally having a diagnosis, at least, did make her feel better.

“I told him I’m happy to be diagnosed because it’s proof for myself that I’m human with needs like everyone else,” she explained.

“I’m not crazy, and it’s not in my head. I don’t want attention from others. I cried and felt relief at the same moment.”

Regardless, her husband claimed that she shouldn’t be “acting like that.” He’s also been quite touchy about other random things.

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