Her Husband Lets Her Daughter Get Away With Anything, So She Told Him If He Overrules Her And Enables Their Daughter’s Bad Behavior One More Time, They’re Getting Divorced

“Or she will put her feet all over the boys and laugh as they tell her to stop, but the second they put their feet on her, she starts screaming at them and runs to my husband to tell him they won’t stop touching her.”

Her daughter constantly tattles on her brothers for not being nice to her or supposedly not playing according to the rules of the game, and he will rush to her side to defend her and lecture her brothers about their behavior, even when they weren’t misbehaving.

Just a couple of days ago, her daughter was hit in the head with a Frisbee, and she ran to him and claimed that her brother had done it on purpose when that wasn’t really the case.

“He took her side, and my son got in trouble for ‘throwing the Frisbee at his sister’s face.’ It’s gotten to the point where she’s an absolute snot to me and refuses to ask me for anything and will 100% wait until my husband is home from work before starting in with her princess stuff. She knows I won’t tolerate it,” she explained.

She has placed all of the blame on her husband for her daughter’s attitude lately. From her perspective, he is the one who has enabled her antics, and he hasn’t done anything to correct her.

To try to put an end to this, she has lectured both her husband and her daughter, but nothing has improved. Now, she feels like she’s done all she can, and she’s sick of talking to them over and over when nothing ever comes of it.

“So, last night, she came out and asked to sleep on the couch. I said no (my husband and I were watching a movie),” she shared.

“He then says, ‘We can wake her up when the movie is done,’ and she’s like, ‘Promise.’ I flipped out.”

“I said, ‘You’re not sleeping on the couch. Go to bed NOW,’ and then I turned to my husband and said that if he tries overruling me one more time and continues to spoil my daughter, then we are getting divorced.”

Her husband feels like she’s being overdramatic. But understandably, she’s sick of the way her husband and daughter have been acting, and she’s frustrated that they have refused to change when she’s expressed her feelings.

While she knows her daughter is normally well-behaved, she acts differently around her sons and her husband.

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