Her Husband’s Cousin Became Enraged When She Told Her She Can’t Stay At Their House To Give Birth

She’s not used to family members making requests like this because her family doesn’t make huge asks like his cousin and her husband. If anyone in her family requested something like this, they would be told no so fast.

“They aren’t needy or homeless. They are people who don’t understand boundaries and don’t care to ask too much of someone,” she explained.

After the disagreement with her husband, she had another talk with him to express her perspective more in-depth.

“I told him the reality of it is because I’m a woman, I will be expected to be the one to help his cousin if the baby is crying, needs a diaper change, doctor appointments, or literally anything related to the baby. I told him we aren’t even considering the financial pressure it will put on us; we are assuming everything will go perfectly with no complications,” she shared.

When she opened up to her husband about her concerns, he completely took her side and understood where she was coming from. He told her that he has a hard time rejecting his family’s requests for him. His family has a lot of respect for her husband because he’s motivated, dedicated, and a problem solver.

In her view, his family seems to be taking advantage of his willingness to help others.

Eventually, she and her husband came to an agreement that they would tell his cousin and her husband that they couldn’t stay at their house during or after the birth of their child.

A few days ago, his cousin and her husband came to visit other family members in the area, and they had somewhere else to stay while they were visiting.

She and her husband confronted his cousin and her husband, letting them know they wouldn’t be able to host them at their house when they had their baby.

His cousin’s husband is a very headstrong person who doesn’t pay attention to how everyone else around him feels. Even if others are uncomfortable, he doesn’t care how abrasive he is when he makes his opinions known.

So, once she and her husband turned down the request, her cousin’s husband was enraged. An argument ensued, and she spoke up and told him that it didn’t matter what he said because their answer was final.

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