Her Husband’s Friends Went On A Trip To Thailand And Cheated On Their Pregnant Wives, And She Wants To Tell These Girls The Truth Since They’re Her Friends

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This 29-year-old woman is married to her husband, who is 30. Her husband has a close group of friends, and she’s very close to the wives of her husband’s friends.

Not that long ago, her husband’s friends went on a trip to Thailand, and this all happened when their wives were pregnant.

Her husband thought about going along on the trip, too, but she asked him not to go since she is aware that the marriages his friends are in are not exactly great.

Now, in contrast, she thinks that she and her husband are both happy in their marriage, and she really was concerned that he could be put in a negative situation by his friends that could ruin their own marriage.

Well, her gut instinct was right because, on that trip, things did not go well, and her husband confessed what he knew about the trip to her after he had a couple of drinks one evening.

“He understood and didn’t go,” she explained. “But his friends went and cheated. Should I tell their wives regarding this?”

“My husband told me not to bring this topic up, but their wives are good friends of mine, and I feel really guilty about knowing this and not telling them.”

“Also, I am worried this will affect my marriage if my husband comes to know that I told them. Should I tell them or not?”

Additionally, knowing this information has caused her to be insecure in her own marriage, and she’s really worried that if her husband’s friends thought it was so easy to cheat, her husband might do the same thing to her.

Photo Gallery – illustrative purposes only

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