Her Mother-In-Law Asked For $1,000 A Month From Her Husband, But She Thinks Their Financial Focus Needs To Be On Their Own Family Right Now Since She’s Pregnant With Their First Child

Evrymmnt - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband just bought a home this year, which was very exciting. But, while they are able to live comfortably, they don’t earn a “crazy” amount of money.

She is also currently pregnant and will be delivering her baby in about six months. So, she and her husband will obviously have to buy a lot of things for their newborn, as well as set up a nursery.

Yet, her husband’s mother has continuously asked them for money in the past. More recently, her mother-in-law also asked her and her husband for even more cash.

“Thinking we make loads of money for some reason,” she said.

Her mother-in-law did not ask for a small amount of money, either. Instead, her mother-in-law actually asked for a whopping $1,000 a month– not even just a one-time payment or loan.

So, when her husband told her about his mom’s request, she was understandably really upset.

“Because I want us to buy new baby items and save up for school for the baby,” she explained.

Not to mention, she and her husband obviously have their own bills to pay aside from their child.

Finally, she feels like her in-laws only ever reach out when they need help– never to just be there for her or her husband.

Evrymmnt – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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