Her Neighbor Is Angry With Her For Being Too Loud With A Guy She Invited Over For A Date, When All They Were Doing Involved Talking And Drinking Wine

“We weren’t being loud at all, just general wine talk in the living room when I got a knock on the door from the neighbor who told me they couldn’t believe I would arrange another date the night before their interview and that I should take them elsewhere.”

It was only 7 at night, and she argued back that she and her date were on their way out regardless.

Her neighbor literally took her door and rudely slammed it right in her face. She did end up leaving with her date and heading back to his place after that incident.

Today, while having lunch with her friends, she brought up what had happened with her date and her neighbor, and not all of them were on her side.

Some of her friends said it was wrong of her to “antagonize” her neighbor after he stated in his note that he had an interview coming up to prepare for.

She’s left wondering if she was in the wrong for being too late with her date after all.

What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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