Her Neighbors Kept Allowing Their Dog To Go To The Bathroom On Her Lawn, So She Collected It With A Shovel For A Week And Put It All On Her Neighbor’s Roof

jfjacobsz - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This woman’s neighbor just got a big, mixed-breed dog recently. But, rather than picking up after the pup, her neighbor allows their dog to go to the bathroom on her lawn every single day.

Now, she did try talking to her neighbor about the issue, and her neighbor claimed that it would not happen again.

Nonetheless, the dog has continued going to the bathroom on her lawn anyway, and her neighbors still do not pick up the waste.

“They live across the street and three houses down, so I guess they thought I couldn’t really do anything,” she explained.

“But they didn’t take into account that I am a petty gal who used to play lacrosse.”

So, for the past week or so, she has actually been picking up the dog’s stuff off of her lawn using a piece of wood that she nailed to a stick. Then, while taking her own dog for a walk, she brought the waste back to her neighbor’s house.

“And I return their property onto their roof,” she revealed.

Eventually, her neighbors did notice what she was doing, and they came over to talk to her. Apparently, her neighbor wanted her to pay for someone to go and clean off their waste-filled roof.

Well, at that point, she told her neighbors about her security camera and how she had footage of them leaving the dog’s waste on her lawn for an entire month.

jfjacobsz – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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