Her Roommate Accused Her of Cheating On Her Boyfriend, But It Later Came Out Her Roommate Was The One Cheating After Sneaking Out of Their Apartment Window For Months

The next morning, the guy from California texted her. The messages he sent were screenshots of pictures of Taylor and the guy she had been talking to the previous night.

The guy from California had received the photos from a random Facebook account with no profile picture.

At first, she defended herself, stating that she had just been chatting with the guy at the bar. However, that was not what the guy from California was concerned about. He was more worried about the fact that someone had secretly taken photos of her.

They tried to figure out who would’ve gone to all that trouble and finally concluded that it was Taylor’s roommate since she was the only person who really knew they were together.

As the week progressed, Taylor noticed that her roommate was behaving oddly. She avoided being in the same room as Taylor, and they barely spoke to each other.

Taylor texted her, asking if they could talk. After she returned home from work, she found her roommate sitting in the living room.

Her roommate told her that she felt like Taylor had been cheating on her boyfriend in California.

Taylor explained that they weren’t exclusive and that he had also been going on dates with other girls in California. Then, she revealed that someone had sent him a bunch of pictures of her at the bar.

Immediately, her roommate denied being the culprit. Taylor apologized and promised she wouldn’t mention it again. But from that point on, their friendship ceased to exist.

Two months later, Taylor got a new job in Illinois and moved out of her place in Nebraska. A couple of weeks later, Taylor and the guy from California made it official. They dated for years and even lived together.

At that point, one of Taylor’s former coworkers reached out to see how she was doing. She asked if Taylor had heard the news about her old roommate. It turned out that a week after Taylor moved away, her roommate had to leave the TV station, too.

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