Her Sister Gave Birth To A Baby Girl And Gave Her Daughter The Same Name As The Crazy Girl Who Bullied Her Back In High School

“[My] dad didn’t say a lot, but he told her it would take some time for us all to adjust to the name. She did not like that. I actually didn’t say anything, but she started ranting and raving about how many people are named Olivia, and we’re not acting like that about them.”

While she wasn’t there during this initial conversation, her mom and brothers tried to stick up for her by telling her sister that while she should be able to name her child whatever she wants, it’s disappointing that she didn’t take into consideration how the name would make her feel and the feelings it would bring up.

A few weeks after her sister argued with her family, she called her up and said the entire rift over the name was her fault. Her sister told her she should have tried to support the name and turn things around.

When she reminded her sister that the name was really traumatic to hear, her sister told her she was old enough to act mature and “not take it out on her daughter.”

“I told her that she’s old enough to understand she can’t force our family to pretend we like her daughter’s name,” she recalled.

Now, her sister is very angry with her entire family. 

Should she and her family look past her new niece’s name, or do they have a right to be upset?

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