Her Teen Daughter Got Dress-Coded For Wearing A Sheer Swimsuit Coverup, And She’s Refusing To Fight The School On It

“This makes complete sense to me why she was dress-coded,” she said.

Anyway, her daughter wound up receiving a warning after wearing the coverup to school, and that was the end of the situation. Or so she thought.

Instead, both her 15-year-old daughter and her oldest daughter are furious with her now because she didn’t fight the school on the dress code.

“But it’s not like they will change the dress code, and I’m not going to fight to have the warning removed since my daughter did break the rule,” she reasoned.

“And I don’t even think this rule is stupid. I know what the shirt looks like. She might as well have just worn a bra to school because that shirt covers nothing.”

Still, since her daughters won’t leave her alone and keep calling her a jerk, she’s been left wondering whether agreeing with the school and refusing to fight the dress code is the wrong thing to do.

Do you agree that there is a time and place to wear certain garments, like sheer coverups? Do you think she’s doing the right thing by teaching her daughter that different environments call for different levels of professionalism? Or do you believe she should’ve stuck up for her daughter? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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