Her Uncle Called Her Daughter A Thief And A Brat At Their Family Barbecue, So She Left, Which Stirred Up Drama In Their Family

“He told me that neither myself, my daughter, or my husband, 33, would ever be welcome again because clearly this was a taught behavior.”

Understandably, her uncle’s behavior upset her and her daughter tremendously.

“I told my uncle that this intolerance was why he has no friends and why we only visit his home out of obligation,” she shared.

“I told him that without my mom’s family values, there wouldn’t be anyone at the BBQ. In the middle of this, he pulled out his phone to call ‘Mr. Police and ask how a little girl would survive in prison. My daughter was beside herself.”

By this point, she had had enough. She got her family’s belongings together, and she, her daughter, and her husband left her uncle’s house.

She found out later that once she and her family went home, her cousin (who is not her uncle’s daughter), 24, confronted her uncle because he hadn’t calmed down.

Her cousin said to her uncle that it was a good thing it wasn’t a different family member who he’d gotten into that argument with because someone else wouldn’t have been as respectful and kind given how horrible he’d treated her and her daughter for something so minor.

Then, her cousin added that she wouldn’t stay for a barbecue in the home of a man who was willing to “bully a child.”

After that, her cousin walked out of her uncle’s house, and other family members followed suit until no one remained at the barbecue but her uncle and his wife.

Apparently, her uncle’s wife is on his side because her uncle’s wife called her to yell at her for supposedly embarrassing him “in his own home,” and she claimed that her uncle was just speaking the truth without a filter.

Her uncle’s wife added that ever since the incident, he’s been sad and feels like no one in the family likes him now; she also told her that she went way too far with how she spoke to her uncle.

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