Here’s How To Keep Your Wedding Guests On The Dance Floor All Night Long, Since A Bare Dance Floor On Your Big Day Can Be A Huge Dissapointment

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A lot of factors go into making sure your guests have a good time at your wedding. You can plan a beautiful ceremony and provide a menu of delicious food at the reception, but all of that still won’t guarantee that people will be moving and grooving out on the dance floor.

Seeing a bare dance floor can be a huge let-down on your big day. It’s no easy task to keep the dance floor full, so here are some tips to help you out with creating an atmosphere that will get guests up and dancing.

First of all, as the newly married couple, know that you set the tone. Your energy is contagious, and people will follow your lead. So, if you’re not out on the dance floor, chances are that your guests also won’t get out there. When you’re having a blast, your guests will, too.

You can even enlist your wedding party to help rally the crowd. Most people are reluctant to be the first ones on the floor. When they see others dancing, they know they won’t be alone.

Next, position the bar near the dance floor. Some guests need a little liquid courage to help them loosen up and bust out the moves they’ve been holding back.

Keeping the bar close to the dance floor makes it so that guests won’t have to leave the floor for too long and can return to dancing as quickly as possible.

People also tend to linger near the bar, so if it’s near the back of the room, the crowd will gravitate there instead of gathering on the dance floor.

You can also arrange some lounge furniture next to the dance floor so guests won’t have to go all the way back to the tables for a break. Then, once they hear a great song, they can jump right back out there.

Additionally, let the DJ or band read the room. You may want to dictate every song that plays, but your guests may not respond to all of your musical choices. When you give the DJ or band the freedom to control the playlist and switch gears if need be, they can have an easier time keeping the party going strong.

AS Photo Family – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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