He’s Making His Sister Temporarily Rehome One of Her Dogs Because She’s Been Staying At His House, And The Pups Are Wreaking Havoc

Rithor - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This 26-year-old guy has been letting his sister, who is 25, live at his home for nearly a year now.

Apparently, she first moved in with him to get away from a big metropolitan city, and she brought along her two dogs. He already had his own dog as well, so her arrival bumped the pet count up to three in his reportedly “smaller” home.

“I even helped her with not paying rent for a majority of the time and walked her dogs for her with my dogs,” he recalled.

Still, ever since his sister moved in, her dogs have been a disaster.

They have messed up his backyard, peed on his backyard furniture, and have caused some problems with his neighbors. Even worse, the pups have gone to the bathroom in his bedroom!

According to him, the dogs are a big hassle to take outside, too.

His sister has helped him out with some things, like food, and more recently, she’s been there for him after he broke his leg.

“But I am so done with having the three dogs here,” he admitted.

That’s why he just decided to tell his sister that she had two months to temporarily rehome one of the pups.

Rithor – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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