He’s Not Sure Whether Bringing A Bouquet of Flowers For A First Date Would Be Chivalrous Or Just Plain Cringey

photographmd - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

What do first dates and job interviews have in common? The fact that we build them up in our heads.

Most people get nervous about both, overthinking their outfits and pondering conversation starters. Yet, simultaneously, you might be a bit excited– wondering about the possibilities and where it could go.

That’s why, just like job interviews, singles tend to imagine how their perfect first date would play out. Where would you go? What would you wear? What kind of conversation would flow?

Lastly, how would your date arrive? Would you both drive separately and meet at a mutual location? Would he give you a ride? Finally, would he show up empty-handed or holding a bouquet of flowers?

One man online cannot seem to figure out that last question. But let’s backtrack a bit.

For context, he has always relied on one type of first date idea that’s worked well for him in the past: visiting a botanic garden or pumpkin patch.

“Conversations always seem to flow better when walking,” he reasoned.

He also doesn’t enjoy bringing dates out to dinner for their first meet-up because he would rather that they both get engaged in some sort of activity. For instance, going rock climbing, visiting a museum, or doing an escape room.

However, he’s not sure if one part of his dating approach needs work: his first impression.

photographmd – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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