He’s Refusing To Financially Support His Girlfriend If She Chooses To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom Even Though He Can Easily Afford It Because He “Finds Ambition Attractive”

That’s why he wound up telling his girlfriend that if she wanted to “downgrade” or switch her career, then he would gladly support her.

“But I wouldn’t support her financially if she wanted to be a housewife because that’s just not what I want in a partner,” he revealed.

This made his girlfriend extremely angry and upset, and she accused him of being a real jerk. Still, he really thinks his feelings are justified.

“It’s my money, after all,” he vented.

Regardless, with him and his girlfriend stuck in a stalemate over this, he’s now wondering whether refusing to financially support his girlfriend if she chooses to stay home with their kids actually makes him a jerk or not.

Isn’t being a full-time stay-at-home parent very ambitious already? Regardless, doesn’t it seem like he and his girlfriend are on two different wavelengths? Do you think they will be able to work this out, or should they part ways since their values don’t align?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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