He’s Refusing To Give His Friend A Plus One For His Wedding Because His Friend’s Long-Term Girlfriend Is His Ex-Girlfriend From High School

hreniuca - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 24-year-old guy and his fiancée, who is also 24, have been planning the guest list for their wedding. But, they recently got into an argument about one specific person.

Apparently, they both have a guy friend who is on the invite list, but he really doesn’t want to give that particular friend a plus one. Why? Well, his friend’s long-term girlfriend is actually his ex-girlfriend from high school.

Back when they were teens, he and his ex dated for a little while during their senior year. And the relationship did not end amicably.

“My ex was very jealous and insecure about one of my female friends, and she would get mad over small things,” he recalled.

So, they ultimately split up and just became friends with benefits before leaving for college in the summer.

He realizes that his ex probably hooked up with other people during that time, too, just as he did. Nonetheless, they stopped speaking once they left for college, and he just does not feel comfortable with the idea of having his ex at his wedding.

He tried to tell his fiancée this, too, but to his surprise, she didn’t really agree with him.

His fiancée pointed out how he has no idea what his ex is like anymore since they haven’t spoken in years. Instead, all he knows is what he hears from their guy friend.

“I get what she is saying, but my ex is also just kind of off-putting and, well, weird,” he explained.

hreniuca – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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