He’s Refusing To Go On Yet Another Vacation With His In-Laws Because He Wants To Finally Take A Trip With Just His Wife And Baby, But His Wife Isn’t On Board

NDABCREATIVITY - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 37-year-old guy and his wife, who is also 37, have been together for about eight years. So, they have gone on countless vacations with her family– his in-laws.

But now, they have a child of their own, and he is getting seriously frustrated. Apparently, every time he and his wife try to plan a family vacation with just them and their little one, his in-laws try to join.

According to him, his mother-in-law is the main person who pushes for bigger family vacations. And he just cannot stand going on them anymore.

“Every trip, I’m the fifth wheel in charge of carrying things and taking photos,” he explained.

On top of feeling excluded and like he’s put to work on vacation, he also thinks his mother-in-law just ruins all of the trips.

For instance, when his wife completed her Ph.D., his in-laws gifted her a beach vacation.

Yet, his mother-in-law proceeded to make the entire trip about herself, and they only spent four hours out of an entire four-day vacation at the beach!

“Everything was what my mother-in-law wanted,” he recalled.

“If Mrs. Olson and Emily Gilmore were combined, there she is.”

NDABCREATIVITY – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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