He’s Thinking of Dumping The Girl He’s Dating After She Revealed To Him That She Fell For A $10,000 Scam On A Dating App, And She Lied To Her Loved Ones To Get Them To Give Her The Money

fotofabrika - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 36-year-old guy has been dating a 33-year-old girl for a month now, and they really have great chemistry.

He truly believed that she was intelligent and grown-up, but as they recently began discussing their pasts, she said something to him that made him pretty horrified.

Two years ago, she went through an awful breakup, and then she wound up on a dating app.

She met a guy through that app, and this guy convinced her to give him $10,000 to invest in crypto, which was clearly nothing but a scam.

He’s positive this guy was behind the scam himself, and he can’t believe the girl he’s seeing fell for something like this.

This girl also admitted that she had never met the guy who scammed her in real life since they only spoke over the phone or online.

“She claims this was because she was emotionally not yet recovered from her previous relationship and wasn’t thinking straight,” he explained.

“But otherwise, this would never have happened (according to her). Mind that she was 31 at that time. 33 now.”

He’s just appalled that she believed a man she never met and would fork over $10,000 just like that.

fotofabrika – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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