His Brother-In-Law Got Upset That He Doesn’t Come To Visit, But He Lives In An Isolated Town That’s Expensive To Travel To

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This 28-year-old man and his sister, 30, have never had a great relationship.

For years, there has been tension, and at best, they were civil with each other.

“We were never really close, and this is due to both massive differences in personality and certain grievances and wounds on my part toward her, which I’m still trying to work through,” he said.

Both he and her sister are in wonderful marriages, and each of them has a child.

His sister and her husband moved to a tiny, isolated town about 1,200 miles away from him.

“It’s so remote that the nearest airport is four hours away. From what I’ve seen and heard, it’s extremely boring,” he explained.

Recently, he was catching up with his brother-in-law and told him that he had gone to see his parents and some extended family members about 500 miles away. He added that he and his wife were looking into airfare for a trip to the United States. His wife is American, so they usually visit her family about once a year.

At this, his brother-in-law seemed hurt.

“He quickly opened up about how frustrated he is that we and anyone else never once visited them, even though they visited us plenty of times,” he shared.

masha20101 – illustrative purposes only

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