His Daughter Got Mad At Him For Saying She Should Stay With Her Cheating Husband If He Was Truly Sorry, Since He’s ‘Relatively Faithful’ For A Banker

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This 57-year-old man’s daughter, Nina, 38, is married to Peter, 40.

Peter is a global investment banker and makes an impressive salary.

“His profession is one the very few in which you can, as the saying goes, become rich working for somebody else. Nina and Peter are the most well-off couple in our entire extended family, and I was so impressed to see them do so well. They married when they were both poor NYU graduate students, and we all thought Peter was a reliable quality man who had great potential,” he said.

Twelve years into their marriage, Nina and Peter are financially stable.

Sadly, not that long ago, Nina found out that Peter was having an affair with a woman in Buenos Aires, and the woman was in her mid-20s.

When he went over to visit Nina and her two children, he saw boxes all over their condo, and he asked what happened. Nina told him about Peter’s affair, and she said she’d made him leave the condo.

He questioned whether or not she and Peter were getting a divorce. She then told him that this wasn’t the first time Peter had been unfaithful throughout their marriage.

Previously, he had an affair with a woman who was about 23 or 24 and lived in the same city. While he was cheating with this woman, he helped her to get an internship.

Not long after that, the affair stopped, and when Nina found out about his relationship with this woman, the only reason she stayed in the marriage was because his affair had ended.

insta_photos – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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