His Ex-Wife Left Him After He Lost His Leg In A Car Accident And Tried To Tell Him That His New Wife Might Do The Same, So He Accused Her of Being Self-Centered

Nerea - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 45-year-old man was married to his ex-wife, Kelly, for 15 years. During their marriage, they had two kids together– who are now 16 and 10-years-old. Then, about seven years ago, they got divorced.

Apparently, he was in a tragic car crash, which ultimately caused him to lose his leg. And rather than stick by his side during this trying time, his wife decided to leave him.

“Fifteen years went down the drain because I was in a car crash,” he recalled.

“I was the main provider, and we had a toddler at home, and she said that she couldn’t ‘care for us both.’ I’m not here to bash her; that’s just the backstory.”

Ever since divorcing his ex-wife, though, his life has turned around. He is now married to his second wife, Shay, and they tied the knot two years ago.

They are also currently expecting their first kid together, and Shay has helped him raise his other two kids– since he gets custody of them bi-weekly.

According to him, Shay is wonderful, too, and has all of the qualities that his ex-wife did not. It seems like his ex-wife is not happy about his relationship, though.

“Kelly always makes comments about how the age difference is a ‘red flag’ and how I should watch out,” he revealed.

“I’ve always brushed them aside as I only have to see her during drop-offs and pickups.”

Nerea – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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