His Father Started Sobbing When He Said He Doesn’t Want To See Him Or His Children Ever Again

“So, I got married, and we had a family tree done. I left out my biological father and replaced him with my stepdad, and he was fuming. My stepmother said I ‘broke his heart.’ Frankly, I couldn’t care less about his feelings since he’s never cared about me or my sister since the day he left,” he shared.

After the wedding, his biological father’s side of the family has been reaching out to him and his now-wife to discuss how they left out his biological father from the family tree. His half-brother was angry with him, but he told him that he didn’t care, adding that he didn’t view him or his biological father as a true family.

Then, he told his half-brother that he was “‘nothing more than a mistake,'” which he acknowledged was a low blow. After this remark, his stepmother got involved in an argument with him, and he called her some pretty rude names.

A couple of days ago, his father called him and asked if he could talk to the twins. He responded and said that he didn’t want him to see his children ever again. His father started sobbing, and he hung up on his father.

Now, he doesn’t regret how he treated his father because, for years, his father hasn’t reached out for holidays like Christmas or any birthdays. From his perspective, his father cares more about his new family, and he doesn’t think he should accept his father’s apologies.

Do you think he did the right thing by not acknowledging his biological father on his family tree?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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