His Girlfriend Was So Rude To His Female Best Friend That He Kicked Her Out of His House

Fabio - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For the last ten months, this 28-year-old man has been in a relationship with Clara, 26.

Recently, Clara has been giving off some red flags, and her behavior has been disrespectful, in his opinion. Now, he’s worried that their relationship won’t work out because of the issues they’ve been having.

For four years, he has lived with Jess, 28, and she owns the house they’ve been living in. He and Jess have known each other for their whole lives because their mothers are best friends.

He considers Jess to be his best friend, and their relationship has never been romantic in any way, and Jess is a lesbian.

“But Jess is beautiful, and Clara is a bit insecure over me living with a woman, despite me telling her that Jess is into women (Clara constantly claims that it’s a ‘coverup’ and that Jess isn’t actually gay, simply because Clara hasn’t seen Jess with anyone,” he said.

As of late, Clara has been feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and because of this, she has pleaded to come over to his house at least five nights each week so that he can help her when she has debilitating “panic attacks” and needs emotional support. While he wouldn’t have an issue with this, he doesn’t believe she’s being honest about her “anxiety.”

“It’s quite obvious that it’s not actually anxiety at all, and she’s simply trying to keep Jess and I separated and keep an eye on us. Jess is actually the one who brought it to my attention, and it makes sense, but Jess is very understanding. She said, ‘Listen, dude, she just wants reassurance; let her have it,'” he explained.

However, he’s furious with Clara’s rude behavior towards Jess. When Clara comes over to his house, she completely ignores Jess and even gives her nasty looks when Jess tries to be nice and talk to her.

“So, Clara drove two hours to my house last night (she was at her grandmother’s–she lives closer than that) because she was ‘on the edge of a breakdown.’ She gets here, and everything is fine. But then, Jess gets home from work and says, ‘Hey guys, how are you doing?’ And Clara just snapped. She’s like, ‘Oh my God, can you just go away and stop talking? You’re literally making it worse.’ I immediately told her to get out,” he shared.

Fabio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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