His Parents Think That Sending His Teen Son To Military School Is Too Dramatic, Even Though His Son’s Behavior Is Out of Control

He and his wife tried multiple avenues to get through to their son. They had discussions with him, their son’s psychologist, tried to reason with him, and they even tried grounding him when he acted out. Nothing seemed to change his behavior.

“So, I sent him to stay with my parents for a while. It was great for him and for us. My parents say he behaved well there,” he explained.

“Sometimes, I even wonder if the problem is me and my wife. On the other hand, my parents spoiled him. They bought many things for him, and he didn’t do chores at home.”

After his son returned home, he resorted back to his old ways.

His children went back to school, and his oldest son has gotten two detentions so far. Both at school and at home, his son uses vulgar language.

At home, he doesn’t clean his room and doesn’t do his homework, but he still gets good grades. His son has lashed out at other students at school and continues his bullying antics.

“I can’t take it anymore, and I want to send him to a military school this year. I’ve checked the cost and the transfer process, and they’re willing to accept him. Also, I attended a boarding school at his age,” he shared.

While his wife thinks this is a good idea, his parents don’t agree. They feel like sending his son to a military school is a dramatic move, and they added that what his son needed was support and guidance from him and his wife. His parents assured him that over time, his son’s behavior should improve.

Then, his parents expressed their concern about how “strict” the military school would be. But he said that the “strictness” was one of the advantages of sending his son there in the first place.

However, his parents didn’t back down, and they even told him that they were “passing the problem to the school instead of taking responsibility as parents.”

After the discussion with his parents, he’s now unsure if he should follow through with sending his son to a military school.

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