His Wife Dumped Coffee All Over His Brother’s Bratty Stepdaughter After Nobody Tried To Correct Her Atrocious Attitude

When Heather and Mack refused to intervene, his wife told Anna to stop multiple times. At one point, she took the fly swatter away, but Anna taunted his wife and got a new fly swatter.

Several other adults at the table also asked Anna to stop and pleaded with Heather to do something.

After Anna knocked over his wife’s coffee with the fly swatter, his wife got herself a new cup of iced coffee (his wife doesn’t drink hot coffee). Immediately after his wife settled back down at the table, Anna knocked over her coffee again.

During the chaos, he asked his brother a few times to tell Anna to leave them alone, but to no avail. Heather told Anna to go play, but, of course, Anna once again didn’t listen.

“Well, Anna comes right back in and slaps my wife on the forehead with the swatter and says, ‘Bug, missed him,'” he shared.

“My wife took her coffee (her third one that she had just made. Again, cold) and flung it at Anna, covering her. Anna immediately starts crying, and Heather flips out.”

“So does my brother. Heather said that my wife was an immature brat and that ‘Anna’s just a kid.’ My wife calmly puts her cup down and continues the conversation like nothing happened as Anna, Heather, and Mack are all flipping out. But then Heather says, ‘Do you have anything to say for yourself?’ And my wife says, ‘Don’t let the door hit you and your spoiled brat on the way out.”

While he took his wife’s side, some of the other adults who were present for the ordeal felt like his wife should say sorry for throwing her coffee at Anna.

In his opinion, his wife shouldn’t have to apologize because she was being pestered by Anna while hosting guests on their own property while paying for the entire weekend themselves.

He pointed out that at 12-years-old, Anna should have been old enough to know that the way she was behaving was inappropriate.

He doesn’t believe that the responsibility should have been on his wife to remove herself from the situation – he thinks that the blame should be completely on Heather for not stepping in to stop Anna’s behavior.

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