His Wife Has Made Friends With A Guy At Work, And She Admitted That She’s Attracted To Him

benevolente - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 42-year-old guy has a wife who is 36, and they have been married for quite some time now. He says he’s been awful with communicating with his wife, and he’s been a little distant from her lately as well.

He encouraged his wife to take up some new hobbies to fill up her free time, and he thinks it’s actually his fault that his wife made a new best friend at work, who is a guy.

His wife refers to this guy as her “best friend” and “BFF,” so initially, he was not concerned that there could be more going on between them.

“Turns out she has admitted she is very attracted to him,” he explained. “He to her also. He is both athletic and attractive, and I’m not really in that category anymore.”

“She told him that she can’t drink alone with him because she’s worried about controlling herself and it may ruin their friendship.”

“Also, because she’s married, and she’d have to live with that. She then agreed that they could drink, but she will need to be made to leave after a while because she doesn’t want to do the wrong thing.”

He thinks his wife and her new work bestie are acting like teens crushing on one another. They basically go out on little dates together, and they text back and forth practically every day.

He also knows that his wife has been sending her friend selfies, and her friend will tell her that she looks gorgeous and make other remarks about his wife’s appearance.

It does seem to him that his wife and her friend will tease one another and try to make the other person jealous.

benevolente – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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