His Wife Is Upset That He Cooks For Their Daughter But Won’t Make Special Meals That She Asks For

Drobot Dean - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man is essentially a stay-at-home dad since his career as a business consultant only requires him to work a few hours each week.

Since he has so much free time, he does make food for himself, his wife, and his daughter. When he cooks, it’s a large amount, so he can meal prep for a whole week, and he makes different-sized portions depending on who it is for.

He typically makes a carb such as rice or pasta, a lean meat, and vegetables. He then makes whatever he cooked up more kid-friendly, so, for example, he’ll turn a given dish into tacos for his daughter to enjoy.

“I usually cook something low calorie since it is what I need to eat to achieve my goals at the gym, but my wife has been pestering me to cook some more “unhealthy,” he explained.

“I tried cooking 2 separate things, one for myself and my daughter and one for her. I realized after a week that it was just unsustainable to cook 6 separate meals every day while doing the rest of the household chores and still having time left over to go to the gym and enjoy my hobbies.”

“I told my wife if she wanted to eat something different than us, she could go cook for herself or go eat out.”

His wife said it was not fair of him to refuse to cook specialty meals for her, considering the fact that he stays home all day.

He pointed out to his wife that if she expects him to cook special things for her on a daily basis, she could start doing some chores around their house to give him more free time to accommodate her request.

His wife does have time in her daily schedule to make her own meals if she felt like doing that, too.

Drobot Dean – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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